About Alfonso Colombano

Leading Oil & Gas industry author

Alfonso is the author of the bestseller series of books titled Oil & Gas
Company Analysis
, which have been used as a teaching tool in the oil & gas
industry worldwide. Alfonso has worked for two International Oil
Companies (IOC’s) and one refining company in analytical, commercial &
financial roles. Alfonso is a graduate of the University of Houston where he
was active in the Energy Association. Alfonso’s expertise encompasses all
sectors of the oil & gas industry including upstream, midstream and
downstream, which led him to create, write and publish three books on the
topic. Alfonso is an avid reader of Forms 10-K and 20-F, financial
statements and other external company publications.
Alfonso’s expertise encompasses the financial & operational analysis of oil
& gas companies, having developed several analytical models for M&A
activity and commercial analysis. Alfonso is a well-seasoned public speaker
and has been featured at the University of Houston and the
Global Energy
Leaders Podcast
. Alfonso is co-host with Ryan Ray on the Energy Market Recap
. He enjoys reading books about the oil & gas industry and playing
golf in his free time.
Alfonso can be reached by email at alfonso@oilgascompanyanalysis.com or
by following his LinkedIn page at www.linkedin.com/in/alfonsocolombano


“I failed my way through success” Thomas Edison